A Strong United Front: Gabrotech has signed a Global Partnership with China Unicom

August 13, 2018

At Gabrotech, our goal is to make a difference with a lasting impact. We aim to make consumers’ lives easier, happier, and more efficient. With the current trends moving towards the digital realm, it was an obvious choice the China Unicom was the partner we needed. With their extensive knowledge in mobile and internet services, they also bring along great expertise in technology and rich data that will enhance the O2O analytics platform in our 6-in-1 solutions.

The power of its influence in China and across the globe is indisputably enormous, as it is the 4th largest mobile service provider in the world. Just imagine the number of Gabro wallets her sim card users can download once our platform is ready and the benefits it will bring to its 300 million user base.

Why partner with China Unicom?

China Unicom provides us with its technological innovation as well as development capabilities. Their contribution will allow for an improved consumer experience for users around the globe. On the other hand, Gabro could enhance their research and development in blockchain and a perfect use case to extend it to our huge users community. China Unicom would also co-developed new data products along with the partnership. This will enrich Gabro’s transaction data with China Unicom’s location and browsing data Additionally it will enable Gabro’s O2O analytics platform to support merchants in designing its acquisition and usage campaign.

We have decided to partner with China Unicom because they see the potential for change as well. The current loyalty rewards market is in desperate need of reform. We are glad others agree that the solution from the Gabrotech platform will be effective in its purpose to cure the disconnect between consumers and their rewards program.

About Gabrotech
Gabrotech is a blockchain based loyalty and rewards platform which creates an open-loop decentralised ecosystem, handing back the control to the customers. Customers would only need to use one Gabro wallet to manage all their rewards programs and freely convert their points to one program, share points to another or trade it with millions of other users in the platform by the ERC20 token, GBO.

About China Unicom
China Unicom has 300 million users worldwide and is the world’s fourth largest mobile service provide by subscriber base. It’s also selected as the mobile infrastructure provider to represent China in its “One belt one road” initiative. They are committed to being a creator of smart living trusted by customers, connecting the world to innovate and share a good smart living, improving the quality of products and services continuously to fulfill customer needs.

“I am beyond excited for all the possibilities this partnership holds! There is too much potential for greatness that the loyalty ecosystem of the future can wait no more.” -Chairman, Andy Chen