Back To School: CEO Andy Chen showcases Gabrotech at the Imperial College Alumni Conference

August 02, 2018

July 26, 2018 held the annual Imperial College Alumni Association South China in Shenzhen. Alumni from all around gathered to rejoin old friends, establish a stronger community, and listen to the presentation by 98’ alumni, Andy Chen.

Imperial is notorious for technology. With innovative students and game changing inventions, the school stands for any and all advances in technological development proposed for the greater good of this world.

The phenomenon today was blockchain. With blockchain technology widely adapted by many major companies around the world, it’s evident that this technology is revolutionary to the fintech industry entirely. Blockchain bases its platform on a an open ledger with transparent transactions, cutting out middlemen, variable costs, and fraud.

The way Gabrotech utilizes blockchain in democratising the loyalty rewards industry is genius. Chen goes into detail how their platform ultimately creates transparent and quick transactions between the merchants and consumers directly. Now consumers are able to use all of their loyalty points collectively in a safe and simple manner. No longer will there be ridiculous fees in order to convert points nor will the wait to collect all points be required. The Gabro token (GBO) allows you to transfer points from one program to the next, allowing for efficient and inexpensive transactions.

Gabrotech is paving the future of the loyalty rewards industry. Perhaps only the alumni of Imperial have seen it first hand. But no doubt will this spectacular be seen by the millions of consumers around the globe, it’s just a matter of time.