Refining Gabrotech’s blockchain base with Espeo

August 10, 2018

In five to ten years’ time, we see Gabrotech being the largest loyalty exchange platform in Asia, covering all industry verticals including retail, travel, food & beverage. The secret sauce to first-rate customer loyalty management in the rewards ecosystem? Blockchain.

Gabrotech has worked with Espeo Blockchain to incorporate the most innovative blockchain technology into our ecosystem. What we are after is not just a standalone blockchain loyalty program but an open-loop decentralised ecosystem, where users can freely trade their loyalty points between different programs and one another.

Thanks to our co-operation with Espeo, our blockchain solution provides proof of ownership for rewards, contracts (terms) and conversion capability at low operating costs – this entire architecture is what sets Gabrotech from other ICOs.


Why invest in GBO?

Because Gabrotech is helping to monetise idle loyalty points. This will attract millions of consumers to give up their points in return for GBO. Our merchant partners would also want to hold GBO for hedging purposes.

We will become a loyalty currency on our own when we reach our target of 6,000 merchant outlets and 10 million users. Merchants might even reward their customers with GBO directly rather than their own brand. The more widely it is accepted and used, the higher the price will go.


What is the technology behind Gabro? Marcin Zduniak, Head of Blockchain at Espeo, explains it here. Blockchain: