Greetings from the Middle East: Gabrotech Launches in Dubai at the International Blockchain Conference

August 09, 2018

In a city very far from home, chairman Andy Chen showcases the revolutionizing loyalty platform at an exclusive blockchain event in Dubai. Hosted by Planet Blockchain, this major conference invites investors, growing startups, and corporate giants to join in on the blockchain revolution. At this 5-day event, enthusiasts around to globe gather to discuss the current trends, upcoming applications, and ongoing projects, basically anything and everything blockchain.

Joined by CFO, K.S. Chung, Andy Chen delivers a presentation that’s got the crowd on the edge of their seats. When highlighting the Gabrotech platform, Chen also shared with the audience all the practical functions it provides. And it was then that they saw the potential that Gabrotech has to transform an entire industry of loyalty rewards.

The method in which Gabrotech applies blockchain in their open loop democratization is pure brilliance. By utilIzing loyalty points from multiple programs and pooling them together into a single collectived wallet, Gabro Token (GBO) stands as the medium of exchange where users can use GBO to redeem the goods they want. In addition, the introduction of the Multi Currency Conversion Engine is revolutionary as it allows for the exchange of different loyalty points for their respective value in GBO, as well as their real time market value in fiat currency.

Adding blockchain just makes the process simpler, more cost efficient, and transparent, meaning a more satisfying and less frustrating experience for consumers with their loyalty programs. A consumer doesn’t build loyalty or take benefits from their loyalty program until their points are redeemed, so what good is it to collect all those points and have them go to waste. The new Gabrotech platform was created to take this abandoned $500 billion dollar industry and put it to use while generating a positive impact for consumers.

Last but certainly not least, Gabrotech proudly announces its collaboration with the Dubai International Digital Asset Exchange. Its token GBO will be listed on the DBEX exchange and will be available for trading. Taking an international launch in Dubai, Gabrotech aims to branch out and expand, allowing for consumers worldwide to participate in the growing ecosystem.

“This was a great victory! And we expect many more like it. Gabrotech is determined in expanding its community to create a thriving ecosystem in which consumers will be more than excited to be a part of.” — Chairman, Andy Chen