pumps in an additional US$3 million of GBO in GabroTech

September 26, 2018

After welcoming US$2 million in investments from in July, GabroTech has received an additional US$3 million’ worth of GBO from the crypto trading financial institution this month.

This partnership enables GabroTech to continue building its blockchain technology and to acquire merchants to be part of the revolution in the loyalty rewards market.

With professional crypto industry advice from, GabroTech is in the final stages of developing its GabroTech wallet to manage multiple rewards programs. The firm is also in the final few testing phases of the GabroTech debit card, which will be launched upon further announcements.

The partnership with has been a smooth and dynamic one, with recognizing the GabroTech team’s ability in bringing an innovative blockchain-based product and service to the public.

GabroTech’s Chairman, Andy Chen, commented on the additional investment, “This is great news for the whole team, all of whom have worked incredibly hard in these few months. We are very excited that our effort has been recognized by and that they are fully supporting us in bringing a revolution to the loyalty rewards industry.”

GabroTech links up thousands of reward programs in an open-loop decentralized ecosystem, providing instant redemption and exchange capabilities across multiple loyalty point programs or currencies. GabroTech has confirmed a number of signature partners, such as China Unicom, Adpost and HKTaxi to engage with the loyalty platform. With GabroTech, consumers need only to use a single GabroTech wallet to manage all of their disparate rewards programs. They can freely convert their points or conveniently share them with millions of other users on the platform by using their ERC20 token, GBO.

About GabroTech

GabroTech is a blockchain-based loyalty and rewards platform which creates an open-loop decentralized ecosystem, thereby handing back control to consumers. Customers need only to use a single Gabro wallet to manage all their rewards programs, freely convert their points to one program, share points to another or trade points with millions of other users with GBO, our ERC20-compliant token.

About is a next-generation financial institution based on blockchain technology, providing the ultimate in security and transparency. By leveraging decades of experience in the investment banking, trading & FinTech sectors, and combining them with the power and transparency of the distributed ledger, has created a truly unique exchange that will revolutionize asset trading and investment banking.