To The Gabrotech Community:

We would like the time to announce that Gabrotech will be implementing a temporary closure of our public ICO as well as share with you an update of our current position.

There were many factors to consider when making this decision, but we strongly feel this is the correct path at this moment in time. Let me share with you the reasoning behind this.

Product Development
Using ample funds already collected from the private round, we will commence our product development for our digital wallet as well as fund essential parts of our project.

Current Market Conditions
The world of crypto is not stable at the moment. With high volatility and insane price fluctuations the number of buyers outweigh the sellers, which is driving the market price down. Allowing for the market to recover will in turn bring a more efficient ICO with the atmosphere of safe and secure amongst the community.

Merchant Acquisition
We currently have partnerships with different companies through all kinds of industry such as Telecom, Food & Beverage, Transportation and Retail and we expected more to join us as we take off with the prototype of our loyalty program. We also want this time to expand our user base and continue to expose our blockchain application to merchants.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing
We are finalizing the deal to be listed on crypto exchanges around the globe, in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.
6-in-1 Patent Improvements
With even more additions to 6-in-1 solution, it will produce a product that will be more efficient and simple to enhance customer experience and reduce the transaction time.

Enhancing Our Private Investments
Aside from the fact that it’s called a Public ICO, we realized that the private investment part is just as important. We are currently rounding up couple of larger private investment deals and are on the lookout for more. These private investments are supposed to generate larger cash flow to begin the development of our loyalty program quicker and allow for more room to expand our project.

Our public ICO will resume in Quarter 4 of 2018, to allow for time and space to begin production. For the time being, GBO tokens are still available for trade on our website ( and will soon be listed on multiple exchanges. The current airdrop campaign will be paused immediately, tokens will be distributed to all eligible participants after September 1, 2018.

While the PUBLIC SALE is temporarily suspended, private investors can still carry out the following actions:

Conduct investments with other asset classes, e.g. Equity, Debt, etc
Sign up on our official website –
Submit KYC/AML documents

Once again, we appreciate the loyal support of our esteemed followers and we shall continue to keep our community informed on the latest information about our Public Token Sale.

“One thing’s certain, we will be back stronger, better and more innovative than before to ensure that we deliver a successful ICO and thus creating a project with maximum potential.” -Chairman, Andy Chen

Thank You Gabrotech Community.

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